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    The Caique Parrot



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    The Caique Parrot

    Post by Bobrb on Sat Mar 26, 2016 11:48 am

    An energetic and comical friend

    The Caique parrot is full of energy and has a large personality.

    They are not great for first-time bird owners, but they will always keep you entertained. They enjoy playing on their backs, hopping around the house, and just being comical. They are mischevious, stubborn, and need clear boundaries or they may become nippy.

    They aren’t good talkers, but they like to learn tricks and most will be friendly with everyone in the family. They can be noisy, so they are best kept in a house. Because of their strong personalities, it’s best to make sure you get a hand-fed and properly socialized baby.

    If you live in a house and are prepared to care for a medium parrot with a strong personality (and put up with some bites here or there), then you just might be the right owner for one of these energetic bundles of fun.

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